Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Color Run Madison 2013 Race Report

I was very excited to run my second Color Run (HERE) this summer.  Last year, I ran Color Run in Racine, Wisconsin.  I was thrilled that they were coming to my hometown in Madison, Wisconsin this year.  I was asked to serve as a race ambassador and happily accepted the task.  Little Diva has really enjoyed running/walking alongside me, so I was able to get her into the race as well.  Little Dude has taken an interest in running, but he hadn't been "training".  I couldn't think of a better event for him to participate in his very first 5K.  The event is super fun, low-key and non-competitive.  There are lots of children participating - and kids under 7 yrs old are FREE (sans bib number or shirt)!  You can't beat that!
The kids and I headed to Alliant Energy Center's Willow Island for packet pick-up on Friday afternoon.  It was quiet and there were NO LINES.  When I had done race day packet pick up at the Racine event, we waited for 30-45 minutes.  This was a breeze - great, considering I had the kids with me. 

We picked up our packets and stopped by the Color Run booth.  They had a lot of fun, affordable items - including knee-high socks, water bottles and apparel.  We picked up some colorful rubber bracelets to remember our first event together - just the three of us.

The race started at 8:00 AM. Parking was available at the Alliant Energy Center, but the traffic off of the Beltline was backed up. So, we parked at The Sheraton and walked with others across John Nolen Drive.  Later, The Fiance moved the Marathon Mommy Minivan closer to the finish line.
There was a 5-10% chance for thunderstorms that morning and the skies were dark and cloudy.  When we got to the muddy start line just before 8:00 am, the downpour started.  The kids didn't care.  We were surrounded by close to 7,000 other runners that were getting the party started at the startline. The MC was starting waves every minute or so - and Little Dude got a huge smile on his face, every time he counted down from 10 to 1.  We were in the tenth wave or so, before we started.
We splashed through tons of puddles and mud and onto a narrow path, near the dog park, where I've ran before.  As we approached the first kilometer, the race was halted and stopped before the big pink arch, where we were to be dowsed in red color.  Everyone was lined up for at least five minutes at the first "stop".  It was a perfect point for Little Dude to make his first stop after 8-9 mins of consecutive running.
The rain stopped the second half of the race.  We then ran/walked to the next four color stations - being covered in all sorts of colors.  Parts of the course were out and back.  Little Dude enjoyed giving high fives to the runners coming from the other direction.  When he wanted to walk, he would give high fives and start running again.  The color stations motivated him to keep momentum.
It wasn't until the last mile that he started falling behind and wanting to walk more.  Little Diva was ready to go and keep moving - though she's look back and decide to wait for us.  We all really wanted to finish together.
The colorful arch was marking the finish line and I kept pointing it out to Little Dude to keep going.  We splashed through a few more puddles, as we approached The Fiance with the camera near the finish line.

With all of the waiting at stations and walking - we ended up finishing together in 49 minutes.  We were covered in paint and wet from the rain.  Our shoes were soaked, too.  It only took us a few showers and lots of scrubbing to get the paint off of our bodies.  Their shirts came out of the wash tie-dyed - a great way to remember our first race together.



  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! My daughter is 4 and refuses to even give my husband or I a high five when we run by in a race! I just found out about a local race that you can enter as a family so I'm going to see if she wants to do that. She always tells me she needs to go run a mile, so she is interested in running a little...

  2. I love that kids are free! What a great incentive to do it all as a family. Smart marketing move, too.

  3. Great family race! I run this with my nieces. They love getting all of the color all over their bodies. :)