Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Waunafest 10 Miler Race Report

 This was my fifth or sixth running of the Waunafest Ten Miler Run (HERE) this past weekend.  The Saturday morning race, took place at 7:30 am in Waunakee.  Over 400 runners competed in this event and over 700 people participated in the 5K run.  Having run the race so many times, and it being so close to home, we arrived just short of thirty minutes before the start of race, picked up my packet and used the restrooms - twice.
I was super familiar with the course, and all of the hills (especially the second half).  It is really nice knowing where the tough spots are, the easy spots, the crowd support and everything in between.  The first half of the course zig-zags through the business park, which is quite boring and then through some nice neighborhoods and through a covered bridge.  At the half-way point, you head back through the industrial park and back towards the startline. 
I had a full bladder much of the first 5-6 miles (despite using the handy bathrooms twice, with no lines prior to the race).  But, that quickly faded as each mile passed.  I still have not stopped to use a port-o-potty during a race.
Normally this race is super hot and super humid and I'm always empting out my handheld water bottle to quench my third.  It was CHILLY and breezy this year.  And at one point it started sprinkling lightly.  The raindrops were so cold, they almost felt like snow.  The sky was speckled with clouds and there was no sun in sight.  I felt cool and comfortable and felt like I had tons of energy.
At mile 7, we headed back to the starting area, which makes it really easy to see your family and race supporters.  It was awesome to see my kids and The Fiance bounce up off the curb to cheer me on.  I had a huge pep in my step at that point, because I kept playing the same 40 mins of musis over - my power songs.  The last three miles are a very familiar 5K course that I've running in previous events in the small community.  I was slingshot running with a few gals, running my pace.  In the end, I finished ahead of some, and others passed me.  I kept a very consistent pace of 8:40-9:00 mins each mile. 
After I hit the mile 9 marker, I restarted a Nicki Minaj tune - twice.  And kept getting faster - and faster, as we approached the track at the baseball diamond.  I headed downhill and passed the last of the 5k walkers coming in to the final stretch.  I then passed a gal that I had been sling-shotting the entire way.  She sped up too and then we kicked it in to the finish line together.  She gave me a high five after we stopped our stop watches.
I love this event and will be back year after year.  A nice course with variety; a nice distance; easy parking/restrooms/facilities; close to home; and a great price.

(8:56 min/mile)
236 / 405 overall
91/208 women
20/38 age group


  1. Great job!!! Love races so close to home!

  2. I have never run Wannafest . . . probably because I figure it will be so hot and humid. Not this year! Great job.