Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where I've Been ....

Well, it's been a VERY busy spring.  I know that months of April-May would be extremely busy with planning spring/summer coaching sessions and the Run Like a Diva Retreat being held May 5.  But, I had no clue what else would be in store for me. 

We were engaged in early-April and decided that we wanted to get married this year.  We found the perfect location for our family and friends to join us in celebrating our love and set the date of September 14, 2013.  With so much to plan and get ready for a 160 person guest list, we had a lot of logistics to work out - quickly!  The very next week, I went shopping for my wedding gown and discovered that it wouldn't me in until three weeks before the wedding date.  I even met an RDM reader in the dressing room, while I was trying on gowns!  You just never know where you are going to meet other runners!!  She gave me a lot of fun ideas, that truly would bring out my personality during the day.  I found the perfect gown and can't wait to review all of the details and elements of our wedding day after is has passed.  I quickly got my four bridesmaids together and we decided on short black dresses with some diva-like hot pink shoes.  I can't wait for this perfect day to be here and for it to be a true reflection of us and who we are individually and as a couple.  There are so many fun details going into this super family-oriented wedding.

Speaking of family, the kids have been really enjoying spring and I have enjoyed spending all of the time together outside.  They've made new friends in our new neighborhood.

Little Dude and Little Diva have been voluntarily, very active in the running community this Spring.  They've spectated races.  Little Diva became an Assistant Coach with me at our new mommy-and-me couch to 5K session this spring.  We've met ten mothers with their sons and daughters as we provide guidance and camaraderie, as the families train for their first 5K together. 

Little Dude got new tennis shoes for summer, which he has called his "running shoes" - and they make him run really fast.  He's very into technical fabric - because it's comfy and easy to dress-himself.  He is regularly outfitted in "athletic pants" and technical tops. 

We've enjoyed many short family jaunts around the neighborhood, with headphones, ipods, Bondi Bands and handheld water bottles.  Because it's all about the gear - you know?!

We cleaned out the toy room and closets and quickly contributed some items to a family garage sale.  All of the profits were donated to Little Diva's fund for a new bike. She was rewarded with this fun comfort bike by Little Mismatched.  She's truly a Little Diva out on the neighborhood sidewalks.

I've been very busy with coaching and running, but it has also been really nice to maximize the daylight hours each day with my family.  Weather it is sitting outside, playing with sidewalk chalk, visiting a local park, or walking hand-in-hand with The Fiance on a bike path - we are outside and enjoying it.
I've been training with The Fiance for his first full marathon.  We are running the Med City Marathon together this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota.  I'm so excited ... it will be my sixth 26.2 mile journey.  I'm also excited for my training to be over, just in time for summer - so that I can really enjoy the weekends with my family and not feel obligated to do a long run.  I look forward to meeting friends frequently throughout the summer for "longish" runs of 9-12 miles - to keep me in half marathon shape and trim for the wedding in September.

We've even been enjoying the outdoors at dinner.  We are often found on our new deck, sitting at our new table, after cooking dinner on our new grill.  And we love sitting and swinging on the front porch swing and watching the sun set.  It's also a great spot for our weekend morning coffee.

It's been fun meeting a lot of new women in the area.  I started several new groups this spring.  The mommy-and-me-group after school one afternoon each week.  A co-ed group at Catalyst Activewear during the evening.  And a double-group of thirty-one women from Sun Prairie one evening a week.  It's been so much fun seeing them learn, grown and enjoy over the short 3-5 weeks I've known them.

After a brief hiatus from blogging, I'm coming back refreshed, recharged and ready for summer - and running for fun!


  1. SO exciting!! Congrats on your engagement! You've been a super busy girl!

  2. My birthday is 9/13, my anniversary is 9/17 and my husband's birthday is 9/20- September is a GREAT month!! Can't wait to hear all about the big day!

  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting!