Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monona Couch to 5K - Spring 2013

I ran my second Couch to 5K Session in Monona this spring.  We weren't very lucky with the weather this season.  It started out cold and dark and snowy in March.  The weather every Wednesday evening was cold and wet or cold and snowy or cold and windy.  Several toughed it out throughout the nine weeks - but we lost several ladies along the way.
We trained for the Lake Monona 5K, which started and ended at Winnequah Park, where we trained each week.  We even ran a practice run of the route before the race. 
It was fun meeting new women from the area and realizing how small the world can be.  Several us were connected in various ways or through common friends or co-workers.  I enjoyed seeing relationships form between new running buddies, who met for their other running days each week.  It was also nice to see existing friends join the program together and run/walk their way through the nine week session together.  What an accomplishment!

The next Monona Couch to 5K group will start in September.

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  1. WooHoo! I love seeing others find enjoyment in running!