Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things change.

I see so many of my couch to 5k clients initially starting the program because they want to lose weight.  I think that everyone throws down the $75 registration fee, reads through the information folder at session one, and thinks that they will be slim and trim after nine short (or seemingly long to some) weeks.  Not sure how many of them are actually intersted in "the run".

After week three, I tend to start spotting bright white running shoes that were properly fit for them.  I hear tales of their brightly colored running gear they purchased at the local running store.  They share how they fit in their run before work or after the kids were in bed.  They use a guest pass at a local gym to fit in a workout during a blizzard.  Around week six, they catch up with an old friend who is a "real runner" and now they have a reason to get together - for a run.  They start asking me about 10ks instead of 5ks.  I see their confidence soar. 

By week nine, no one is really talking about the weight anymore.  Some of their bodies have changed a bit.  But, most haven't lost mega-amounts of pounds.  But, they are happy in their skin and they are loving the run.

They end up getting so much more out of the program than the initially went out to conquer nine weeks prior.  It happens every time.  And, it continues to amaze me.

So, I asked on the RDM Facebook page (HERE), a simple question ....

I initially started running, because _________. I am still running, because ________.

The responses were very similar to what I'm observing ....

I was trying lose baby weight, it makes me insanely happy

I initially started running, because I SERIOUSLY NEEDED TO LOSE WEIGHT, I am still running, because I'VE BECAME ADDICTED AND DO NOT WANT TO GAIN MY WEIGHT BACK!

I was trying to lose weight, I am addicted.

I initially started running because a I needed a cheap exercise and a way to be alone. I am still running because I love the alone time and I am setting a healthier example for my little one and when she says "Mama, let's run!" I do, because now I can.

I needed something 'extra', I am still running because I love it now

I initially started to run, because everyone I knew was doing 5Ks. I am still running because I enjoy being able to shave seconds and minutes off previous times and for FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out).
I initially started running because I had a goal to do a full marathon even though I hated running, I'm still running because I'm addicted even though I still don't like running.

I initially started running, because I needed to lose weight and to reach a goal. I am still running, because I still have goals to reach and to stay fit mentally and physically!

i initially started running on a bet. i am still running because i feel totally free- no worries......just me and the open road

I initally started running because I hurt my arches with the spin bike, so I was told to do something different. I'm still running because I got addicted to the feel after a race. My first half is in Dec!! I can not wait!!! Scared and excited, exactly what makes me have that rush!!!

I wanted to lose weight. It feels invigorating.

I initially started running to prove to a friend that because of a detached ACL it wasn't possible to run....I run now because I am addicted and its something my hubby and children will do with me!!
I wanted to lose weight after baby. I am still running because I love it and I'm completely addicted! :)

Wanted to loose weight and it keeps me healthy

I wanted to meet new people and I still run because I love it!

Start: to lose weight Still: love it, challenge, Ultra!

I was challenged to run a half marathon and I am still running because I love the alone time and be able to shave minutes and seconds of my previous time.

I initially started running, because I wanted to lose more weight and it was something I always wanted to do. I am still running, because it helps me stay sane, mostly.

I initially started running because my boyfriend at the time convinced me to. Now he's long gone and I'm still running because I want to.... and because I want to be an ironman.

I started running initially because at that time, my dad was battling prostate cancer and going through grueling chemo treatments. My first 5K I trained for was one that benefited cancer research. My thought process was if dad can push through his chemo treatments with such bravery and always a smile on his face, I can do the same through my training. Last year, we lost him to this horrible disease. Today... I run for him and for myself, as it helps me through my grieving process.

I started to run because I saw other people running and thought "I wish I could do that" so I did! I keep running because it's a constant challenge - it's never easy for me and there is always a new distance or a better time I can achieve!

Marine corps, endorphins & now it's big part of my life & personal identity

Because of infertility.... now I run b/c it's a way of life!

because I wanted to drop a few pounds...and now because it's what makes me proud of myself - always a big sense of accomplishment!

I wanted to loose baby weight, it just make my days way better!

Of spite....because I love it now. I was told I couldn't do a Ragnar and I wanted to prove "them" wrong :)

Because it was something me & my sister did together, I love having "quiet time" and for me to just "BE".

Because of a 22 mile hike/ walk with friends. I love it and have a great running parter!

I lost my job and I'm ADDICTED!

I wanted to beat my time that I got from walking my first 1/2 marathon, I want to be better and stronger and healthier.

Because someone told me that I couldn't do a Half and I wanted to prove them wrong. Still running because after I proved them wrong I still needed to prove it to me.

So, can you answer this??? ....

I initially started running, because _________. I am still running, because ________.


  1. I initially started running because my husband said if I ever decided to run and do a marathon (still on the list) that he would do it with me. Being 75 pounds overweight, running was a pipe dream, but I started anyway. Now, 75 pounds lighter I still run because there's always room for improvement. I can always run farther or faster. I LOVE the feeling of pushing myself to do better and crossing that finish line!!

  2. I initially started running to lose the baby weight. I am still running because I love the alone time while training, i like the way it makes me feel, and competing with myself in races to beat my previous times.

  3. That was SO me! I started running while I was losing weight because it was the best way to burn the most amount of calories in the most amount of time. Today, I run because there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that makes me feel better about myself.

    And I can also attest that running has NOT made me shed any crazy amount of weight. It has, however, helped me break my lifelong cycle of obsessing over the scale, or my current dress size, or this incessant need to be "skinny"...all I care about is pushing myself to get stronger and faster, and I have never felt this confident in my life.

  4. I started running because I didn't think i could run, I am still running because I now know I can run!

  5. i love to run because it makes me feel like i have more control over my life.


  6. Initially started running to stay fit, then to lose weight. Now I run for the runner's high and the ability to eat lots!

  7. I started running to get some peace of mind, and I continued running to stay healthy.


  8. I initially started running as a teenager because it seemed cool and runners seemed skinny. I continue to run, as a thirty-something, because I am truly in love with the sport.