Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Side-by-Side on the Treadmill

They say that the "honeymoon phase" lasts twelve to eighteen months.  But, does it have to?  I don't believe it.  I know that all relationships go through phases, changes, struggles.  Been there.  Done that.  But, do you need to lose that thing you have at the very beginning?

I love holding his hand.  I love the way he looks at me from across the room.  I love how he brings me my first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning - mixed just right.  I love that he surprises me with cards, thoughtful notes, and small gifts - just as I do for him.  I smile when I go to tackle the laundry and find my clothes folded along side the kids'. 

I love the fact that we love being active.  Together.  That we have several weekly running dates and trips to the gym.  We run side-by-side on the treadmill.  We've been together over a year and have never been to the movie theater.  Our time together consists of so much more.

I hate only having my kids fifty percent of their lives.  But, I also love that I'm trying to make the best of it.  That I've found a partner that I enjoy being with.  That I enjoy doing things with.  We make list after list of activities we want to do together and things we want to do with the kids.  A lifelong bucket list.   Short-term goals.  Long-term goals.  It is so neat having someone that I want to literally share every life experience with - and that he wants to be a part of this chaotic, fun situation that I call my life.


  1. Super happy for you! :) And yes, that is what true love is all about!

  2. I really am SO happy for you!! I've been following you for years, long before the past ended, and I just LOVE to see how happy you are in your pictures. I love reading the enthusiasm in your posts. I LOVE that he makes so you happy and content :) I couldn't be happier for someone who deserves this and so much more. Yay for you!!

  3. That's so great. What an amazing feeling, to have a
    Friend and partner that you get along with and actually
    Want to be with. I don't think the "honeymoon phase"
    Has to end. This month my husband and I have known each other for 19 years, friends for about 17, officially together for maybe 15 (with a little break in the middle), and married for 6.5. Still love that guy tons and tons, and people ask if we're newlyweds. I love it.