Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still be sisters. Finally be friends.

I'm a little behind at posting this, but couldn't resist sharing. Last month, Little Diva Sister turned 18 and graduated from high school. It was a big month for her. A month of milestones, a month of fun, a month of changes.
To honor her accomplishments, my parents threw her the CUTEST graduation party ever! It was too FAB not to share here. See, Little Diva Sister is as in love with animal prints and pink just as much as her big sister. So, instead of having a graduation party with her school colors, the whole garage and driveway were decorated with zebra print and hot pink. It was totally fun, and totally her!

YUM .... Cupcakes!!!

Zebra Print Cake

Even though we are thirteen years apart (my only sibling), we've still struggled at times to get along. Maybe it's because the age gap caused me not to know my role. Be a second mother, or be a friend?!?! But, as we both grow older, we grow closer. I feel like we've bonded through all of my life changes the last eight months, and her milestones the past few months as well. Part of me wants to parent her, as seeing her grow up prepared me for motherhood in my early-20's. Part of me wants to guide her, as I've acknowledged some mistakes I've made during my journey. But, I want her to find her own path in life and I know that I did learn a lot from mistakes I made along the way. And, I'm glad that I've learned from these experiences. It definitely makes me appreciate the things I did right and the positive experiences I've had in life.

I'm hoping that as we both venture into this next chapter in BOTH of our lives, that we can just be friends and learn and grow together. Maybe learn from eachother's mistakes. Experience some new things together. Still be sisters. Finally be friends.

I hope your dreams take you to the corners
of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes,
to the windows of your opportunities, and to
the most special places your heart has ever known.
~Author Unknown

I Love you, my Mini-Me!!!!


  1. you guys are twins!

  2. I have four siblings who are 10 to 14 years older than I am. It can be tricky, but as I've gotten older it's easier to have them be siblings and peers rather than two additional sets of parents. Keep at it and cherish the benefits that can come from two different perspectives/life stages while being sisters and great friends!

  3. Aww, sweet! My youngest sister is only 8 years younger. It's gotten so much better as we've gotten older.

  4. Congratulations to your sister on all the milestones recently! You guys look great together. :)

  5. You two look so much alike! I had no idea you had a sister. Very cute.

    Will she join you in running too?

  6. very sweet. my sister is 10 yrs older. it makes it difficult to have things in common, but as we get older we get along better.

  7. You and your sister are so much alike. You're lucky to have each other.

  8. That's awesome that you are getting closer. A lot of times it just takes time and maturity. I know that's how it was for my sister and I - we're 9 years apart, I'm younger :)

  9. So cool!

    I did email you re: the entry too, lease let me know what to do to sign up for the race! I'm pretty excited!