Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 2011 Running Ramblings

June was a fun month of running alone and with other people. I completed half marathon #7 and #8 of the year. I was sponsored for the Fort Atkinson Half Marathon (HERE), where I met sweet blogger, Ms. Margaret. And last week I finished my own half marathon on whim (HERE), as I headed out my front door for a quick loop of my neighborhood.

The weather has been warm, but beautiful lately and I have enjoyed running outside alone on local trails and getting my annual Bondi Band tanline on my forehead. I've been making a lot of running dates with friends when I don't have the kids, to preoccupy myself ... and get the miles in. I've been running with everyone, from newbies to speed demons. It's been a blast to mix-it-up with pace, connect and reconnect with people and share life stories. It's amazing to me how open people can be with eachother out on a run. I can barely know someone, yet we share openly and connect immediately. Sometimes I even forget that I am running. I think it is The Run that gets us lost with our thoughts, breaks down barriers and gives us a way to bond and connect.

I've been coaching 2-3 times some evenings and have been meeting clients at different locations and trails around town. For me, it's been awesome seeing them grow through the process, not just physically, but mentally. They show up with a smile on their face, ready to go. And, rarely do they ever say, "I can't do this.", but "Let's do this!". Some nights I run 4-5 times, because I run with each client and then run short distances on my own, in between appointments. It's been a wonderful way to get in my mileage for the month.

June: 105.6 miles
May: 131.2 miles
April: 100.1 miles
March: 107.9 miles
February: 71.6 miles
January: 110.7 miles
Total Miles for 2011: 632.1
Miles Needed to reach 1,500 Mileage Goal: 862.9
Longest Runs: 13.1 miles (twice)


  1. Awesome - that's a lot of running, but glad that you are enjoying it :)!

  2. Hi Jamie! It is so nice to "meet" you via the blogosphere - thank you for stopping by my blog! I look forward to hearing more about your running!

    Paula (from Perspicacity www.waytenmom.blogspot.com)

  3. That's awesome! You have done SO well this year with your mileage! Way to go!! :0)