Saturday, August 29, 2009

Madison Mini Marathon

This morning, I ran the Inaugural Madison Mini Marathon, a 13.1 mile course through downtown Madison, Wisconsin. It was a super chilly morning to be walking around in a tank and shorts, but it ended up being a very comfortable run, after I started to break a sweat. I'm not sure my family or the other spectators felt that way though. Everyone looked a bit chilly with jeans, sweatshirts and coats on in AUGUST. It felt more like a late-October morning. A bit crazy, since my back was itchy and peeling from a recent sunburn I got at one of the Wisconsin Dells waterparks just this past Monday! .... Only in Wisconsin!

The crowd support was great and I was able to see my family quite a few times; boosting my energy each time I ran into them! I saw Jason and the kids just past the start line and then about mile 3. I also so my parents and my sister about ten (yes 10!) times. They kept popping up everywhere during the second half of the course; on foot and even in the car!! It was very comical and made me do a lot of laughing throughout the race as they waved their hands and screamed out the mini van doors!!

I hadn't been training much this month and haven't been putting in anywhere close to the mileage this month that I should be. I've skipped so many workouts and my longest runs were 6 and 9 miles.

I've also been battling shin splints still, so I've been trying to take several consecutive days off to let them get better. And, it's worked. I had absolutely no pain or stress in my calves today. And I felt great the entire race.

The cool weather and overcast was a nice change from previously distance races I've competed in. I welcomed the cool breeze and the cloud-coverage.

The course was great, starting at the UW Memorial Union, winding past the State Capitol Square (where the weekly farmer's market was going on), winding through the UW Campus, the zoo, Arboretum and back through the Campus Lake Shore Path. The finish line was back at the Union.

The crowd support and volunteers were great. Each mile marker was marked and they also had the clock available at each station. I believe there were also ten water/Gatorade stations in all. It was phenomenally organized and the post-race refreshments were great, too (water, muffins, cheese crackers, potato chips and trail mix). I will definitely be doing this race again next year.

I did NOT break my PR (personal record) of 1:55:59 . But, I am extremely satisfied with my time, considering the shin problems and my lack of training.

Chip Time: 1:57:52
Overall Place: 1211 / 2430
Gender Place: 445 / 1278
Division Place (age group): 90 / 282
6Mile mark: 52:48
Pace: 9:00/mile

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