Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goals Met and Goals Set

Well, I exceeded my (minimal) goal of running 100 miles last month, but would have like to have run a lot more in July; since I had off 11 consecutive days. I logged 104.6 miles in July; bringing my 2009 total to 738.8 miles to date.

While I was off with the kids last week, I didn't set my alarm to get up early because: a) I was lazy and slept in every minute that I could; and b) Jason has been getting up before work to go to the pool or out for a run so that he can get two workouts in a day some days, for his Ironman Training. No excuses ... I was just NOT ambitious!!

I did manage to do two semi-long runs last week of 9 miles and a 10 mile race.

I was shocked when the alarm went off at 4:15 AM this morning to get up for work. I dragged myself out of bed, put on my running shoes and headed out the door for a 5K, before heading to the office. It's amazing what a difference two weeks will make. Before my vacation, the sun was always coming up over the horizon during the last half of my morning workout. This morning, it was still completely dark when I arrived back home. Dark, or not, I felt great having gotten my workout in before 5AM!!

My last pair of running shoes were purchased back in March I believe and I guess I didn't realize how many miles I logged in on them again. Shin splint started bothering me again (mainly the left) after the Waunafest 10 mile race. Throw in another long run in old running shoes that week and now my shins are in pain. Finally, my new pair of Brooks came in the mail and I'm breaking them in (no time for rest of course!). I'm trying to remember to ice them at night, before bed, too. I'm hoping the pain subsides and that I can focus on increasing my distance again, for the half marathon at the end of August.

With my vacation last week, I ate way too many goodies with the kids (and WITHOUT the kids!). I packed on 4 pounds over 11 days; which I'm sure will come right off, now that I'm back to eating my "daily staples". STILL, I started counting my Weight Watchers POINTS again, as of YESTERDAY. I would love to lose 5-10 lbs by my next half marathon. I think it would make me feel better ... lighter ... faster on my feet. I also need to look great with my very own IRONMAN on September 13th!!! Hopefully counting my points again will get me back on track.

I joined Weight Watchers back in 1998 with a co-worker and have pretty much been on the program ever since. I've always counted POINTS on and off; attended meetings on and off. I reached my goal in 2004 and Lifetime Membership in early-2005. I lost about 30 lbs on my own the first time (1998-1999); gained 36 lbs with Paige (2003); lost 50 lbs after having her (2004-2005); gained 46 lbs with Jackson (2007) and lost about 50 lbs after having him (2008). I've gained about 7 lbs since my weight loss with baby #2 and would like to get that back off by the Madison Mini Marathon on August 29. Wish me luck! GOAL SET!

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