Saturday, September 30, 2017

Same girl ... smaller jeans.

Every fall, I dread (DREAD!) putting on my jeans.  All summer I wore athleisure wear, shorts and dresses.  Then in September or October, I'd jump up and down, pull and tug and shimmy into my skinny jeans.  I'd take a deep breath, zip-up and close the top button.  And then upon exhaling, I'd feel uncomfortable, bloated and sad - down on myself. 

Not this year.

This year they were baggy in the butt.  I didn't even have to unbutton them to get them on.  They just slid on up -- and then proceeded to fall down. So, I treated myself to a few pairs of size five skinny jeans.  Size 5/6.  SIZE FIVE/FRIGGING SIX!

I'm not motivated by being "thin".  I'm motivated by these feel-good-feelings. By feeling fit.  Healthy.  Accomplished.  Feeling comfortable in my own skin.  And feeling comfortable in those new skinny jeans, too. I am not a different person since I reached my goal weigh. I am the same girl ... in smaller jeans.

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