Sunday, April 30, 2017

HILLY Lumen Optimum 360 Visibility Socks Review

My husband recently tried the HILLY Lumen Classic - Optimum 360 Visibility Socks.  These socks are unisex night sock and were size Medium.  I chose not to review these socks myself, because they were too tall for my liking and he prefers a taller sock.  He is currently training for Ironman.

Lumen Classic Sock by Hilly Socks (http://www.hillysocks.com/night/lumen-classic)

These socks are available in four unisex sizes and the only color option is the neon green/yellow color we received to review.  The night time visibility is pretty amazing and I told my husband these would be great for early morning bike riding or at dusk. We are always concerned about him being visible.

Maximum night time visibility and day time conspicuity.
  • 360 Degree 3M reflectivity & fluorescent colour for night time visibility
  • Zoned open knit structure for improved breathability
  • Mid level anatomical cushioning
  • Flex notches at ankle for a contoured fit
  • Under toe seamless construction

Here's what he had to say.

I recently tried the HILLY Lumen running socks on two different occasions.  One to bike and the other on a run.  I love the fit and feel of these socks.  On the bike, I rode for 2 hours in mild temperatures (70 degrees) and had no issue with sweaty feet, the material wicked away any moisture and absolutely no discomfort of rubbing of any kind inside my cycling shoes.  I love the bright visible colors as well, along with the reflective material on both the front and back.  I will be wearing these again for longer rides.
On my run, I had similar conditions and outcome, as far as moisture-wicking, and comfort throughout the run.  My only concern, is that the socks "fell down" and shifted during the run.  Not that it was very noticeable, but definitely different in comparison to other socks I wear that are cut similarly.  


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