Friday, April 15, 2016

sometimes, the marathon is just getting through the day.

Tomorrow is my first half marathon since having my baby at the end of December. EEK! I've ran ~50 half marathons ... but, I'm kinda nervous. I'm going to admit it. I haven't really trained for this thirteen mile adventure ahead of me. But, I've been getting mid-distance running back into my routine since January. I've logged double digits a few times since I had our baby girl. But, racing can put you in a totally different mindset.

I'm still carrying around about five extra pounds from my pregnancy and am not where I want to be. I'm pretty sure it is going to slow me down and that my pace won't be what it was previously. I'm hoping that this race will spark my urge to push myself through the rest of the spring and summer. Push myself harder.

Returning to work part-time a few weeks ago, I'm struggling with "mom guilt" just like the rest of you. I work or coach or run errands - and then the LAST thing that I really feel like I SHOULD be doing is running by myself (and for myself). Most of my miles have been put in on the weekends now, when I can "feel better" about it. That doesn't mean that I've been sitting though. When I'm not running, I'm walking the dog or putting our little bundle in the baby carrier and walking her around the neighborhood while her curious eyes take in her surroundings. And I chat with my older two on foot while we get in our walks.

Running will ALWAYS be a part of my life. Sometimes it just doesn't fit into my life the same way year after year. Sometimes I have to be fine with logging only three miles by myself ... or one mile with my son. Those twenty milers will fit into my life again soon enough. Sometimes you need to cross other things/priorities off of your list instead. You need some sleep. You need to do something for someone else. But this LIFESTYLE still allows me to squeeze in a few miles here and a couple miles there. I shop at the grocery store in my sweaty running gear. I combine active time with family time. That's what makes me who I am.

I struggle with the same things you do. I'm just a normal mom ... who also runs marathons. And sometimes, the marathon is just getting through the day.


  1. Totally understand chica!!!! I think you are a complete rock star. You'll get your speed back soon enough. Not many women run a half marathon 16 weeks after delivery of a baby!To put things in perspective you are faster than everybody sitting on the couch!
    You got this super mom!

  2. Oh man, it can be so hard! But keep it up, sounds like you are making great progress.