Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Morning Moments

Anyone who knows Little Dude, knows that he is constant, constant, constant.  He is always thinking and always on the go.  He's loud.  He's chatty.  Sometimes obnoxious.  He doesn't always make the best choices.  But, he's bright.  He's inquisitive.  He thrives off of routine.  The kid doesn't stop until it's time to read at 8:00 and then he crashes no later than 8:30.  After that, he's out - all night.
But, there is a side of Little Dude that not everyone gets the opportunity to see.   Like I do.
My early bird wakes up daily between 5:30-6:00 and comes to visit me.  He crawls on my side of the bed backs up into me and wraps my arms around him.  We cuddle under the covers until the alarm goes off.  No matter how tired I am, I enjoy these thirty minutes far more than any other part of my day.  And as he gets older, I enjoy these precious moments even more.  Especially lately.
He rolls over and touches my face, traces the outline of my profile, runs his fingers through my hair.  And most recently, he puts his hands on both sides of my belly and whispers to his sister.  She's usually awake in the early morning hours and pokes him right back.  He gets a kick out of it and giggles. He whispers random questions to me that pop into his head.  He asks me to scratch his back with my fingernails.  The coffee pot goes off just after 6:00 and the dog wakes up and jumps into our bed, too.  Little Dude sits up and pets the dog over and over and begs the pup for morning kisses.
It's this gentle, quiet side of my son that few rarely see.  I am so thankful for these precious moments that he chooses to share with me.

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