Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Visit to the Field Museum - Chicago

 Chicago is full of culture and has many museums to explore.  Last weekend, we stayed on Michigan Avenue and enjoyed a short, one mile walk to the Field Museum.  Much to our delight, the Winter weather cooperated and we enjoyed our walk, with coffee in hand.  The Field Museum opens daily at 9:00 am.  We got a head-start and arrived around 10:00.  There were no lines, but the museum was starting to get busy inside.  

We were advised to head on over to the new Vodou exhibit early.  So, that’s exactly what we did.  This small exhibit was filled with early museum visitors, as we observed statues, pottery, jewelry and other artifacts.  There were also short videos available to educate visitors on the culture.

We viewed all of animal exhibits and were reminded how many species are among us.  The detailed exhibits were so intricate and reflect each animal’s way of life.  There were several artists seated along the exhibit, painting various creatures.  Visitors were in awe of their artwork.

You can’t help but notice Sue the T Rex in the atrium of the museum.  She is the largest and most complete T Rex discovered to date and stands in the entrance of the museum.  The original head skeleton weigh over 600 lbs and are displayed separately from the rest of her remains.

We enjoyed walking through Inside AncientEgypt.  This exhibit was extraordinary to walk through the ancient tomb and view all of the mummies and artifacts.  I enjoyed reading the diagrams on the mummification process and hearing all of the young children asking their parents questions.

We weren’t sure if we would enjoy the Underground Adventure of soil and bugs, but it was quite entertaining – even without the kids along.  Visitors are “shrunk down” to bug size as you are immersed layers underground.  It was interesting to discover what lives a foot beneath your feet – and beyond.  I think that my kids really would have enjoyed this one – it reminded me of watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids when I was ten years old.

 After watching through the dinosaur exhibit and Evolving Planet, we landed at the entrance to the Waking the T Rex 3D movie – just in time for our 1:00 pm showing.  The movie featured the discovering of Sue the T Rex.  We followed paleontologists on their journey to uncovering her remains and how they were transported and reassembled and eventually placed in the Field Museum.  The movie also covered the Sue's lifespan lived until her death.

My husband and I enjoyed our day at the Field Museum and look forward returning as a family in the future.

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