Thursday, September 5, 2013

Catalyst Commercial

Last summer, I participated in my first commercial, for Catalyst Activewear, where I coach.  The commercial was fun to shoot and I got to try on all sorts of fun clothing and gear from the store.  We even stopped at the local news station for some still shots and filming.

But, even better things were in store this year ....

Last month, I was asked to participate in another commercial for Catalyst Activewear (HERE).  The commercial was shot by Captivate Video Tours (HERE) out of Florida.  We shot at one of the running hotspots on the UW Campus, Picnic Point.  I had a fun experience, and got a little bit of a workout in!  We also did some other shots on campus and in the store.  I had a script that I recited this time, too.  It's really neat seeing how the process works and comes together ... in a brief thirty second commercial.

I was recently sent the draft video - and can't wait to see the end result on TV.  Captivate Video Tours did a great job and I would highly recommend their services to any small businesses trying to promote their business or services.  Everything is polished and very professional.  The commercial captures the store's atmosphere and mission perfectly.

I look forward to seeing this live on TV and hopefully helping other folks in the Madison area - especially women - get active in our community.