Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bella NutriPro Juicer Review

My family recently received a Bella NutriPro Juicer (HERE) to test out and review ($250 value).  Having never "juiced" before, I was curious what all of the hype was about.  I've seen a lot of blog posts, articles and Facebook statuses referring to "juicing" over the past year.

With the NutriPro juicer, users are able to get more juice and more nutrients for optimal health and wellness than other conventional juicers by thoroughly squeezing each fruit and vegetable. The Bella NutriPro Cold Press Juicer utilizes a two-stage cold press juicing technology that operates via a chewing (mastication) method to produce high-quality juice from each fruit and vegetable. The single juicing screw in the processing bowl first crushes, the compresses and squeezes out the juice. There are no fast-spinning blades that cut and pulverize the fruits and vegetables to produce juice. With the no-blade, cold press technology, oxidation is minimized, no heat is used, and more nutrients and enzymes are preserved. (Most traditional juicers and blenders that claim to juice use blades that shred and break open the cell walls of the produce, exposing it to oxygen and therefore affecting the integrity of the nutrients and enzymes. Enzymes are a necessity for the health and healing of the body. They help break down foods and tell the nutrients where they are most needed in the body. Enzymes aid digestion, keep you youthful and vibrant and increase energy.)

Besides the health value, the NutriPro Juicer users can get more juice from certain fruits and vegetables than other juicers. For example, the NutriPro got 66% more pineapple juice than one of its main competitors.

The $250 juicer pricetag will get you the following items:

-New Bella NutriPro Cold Press Juicer with quiet induction motor
-Stainless steel juice strainer
-Single juicing screw auger
-Feeding tube
-1 pulp container with handle
-1 juice container with handle
-1 pusher
-1 cleaning brush
-5 year warranty
-Instruction Manual
-Recipe Booklet

We didn't have many fresh fruits and veggies on hand.  We tried juicing carrots and blackberies.  The blackberries didn't work as well as the carrots.  Apparently, it takes a lot of berries to make a lot of juice!  We tried both juices separately and then tried them mixed together.  The kids didn't like either of them.  I didn't mind the taste.  But, I much prefer blending things in a blender, or making smoothies over juicing.    I'm not sure how much I will use the juicer, but I look forward to trying out some "juice recipies" and making just the right pairings next time.  The juicer would make some really refreshing summertime drinks, for relaxing out on the porch.  The box contained a wheel, to help you select the right fruits and vegetables for your tastebuds and it suggested things that would go well together.  I never realized there were so many different fruits and vegetables!

The juicing process was really quite easy.  The pulp and remains go into one container and the itty bitty amounts of juice go into another.  Bella also includes a a tumbler, so you can easily juice right into the tumbler for quick consumption on your way to work or while out running errands with the kids.


Juicers vs. Blenders:

Most Americans don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, so consuming them in liquid form is a quick, easy way to meet your healthy daily needs. Both blenders and juicers serve up nutrition in a glass, but the types of beverages they produce are very different.

Blenders pulverize the entire fruit or vegetable into a thick drink known as a smoothie, which contains the fiber from the pulp as well as the juice. In contrast, cold press juicers, like the BELLA NutriPro Juicer, extract only the nutrient-dense liquid.

According to certified holistic health coach and raw foods chef Laurie Erdman, while our bodies do need fiber for a healthy digestive system, the advantage of cold press juicing is that ounce for ounce it yields more concentrated nutrients and enzymes—the fragile proteins that support nearly every body function—that your body can quickly absorb. Fiber can block the absorption of those healthy compounds, slowing digestion.

If you drink a cold press juice you’ll get a bigger jolt of energy than you would from a smoothie, since your body doesn’t have to work to separate the nutrients from the fiber. As a result, Erdman believes, juice from the cold press juicers like the NutriPro has a cleansing, detoxifying effect on the body.

Nutrients and enzymes are also sensitive to friction and temperature. Because the NutriPro doesn’t have blades or heat up to operate like a blender does, the cellular structure of the produce you juice is not compromised. Cold press juicing allows you to quickly and easily ingest all of the healthy nutrients available in your favorite raw fruits and vegetables.


  1. I'm a smoothie person. Sometimes, though, I think a juicer would be nice, I don't want to lose the valuable pulp!

  2. My mom and dad juice almost anything and everything! Love this review! Thanks!! :0)

  3. Juice is extracted by pressing or grinding a halved citrus along a juicer's ridged conical center and discarding the rind. omega 8006