Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Diva on the Run

Little Diva is full of energy and passion.  When she offered to participate in Girls on the Run last fall, I was excited to see her apply her ambition and passion to the sport of running.  I didn't want to push her into something that she didn't want to see to the end of the program.  Just like any other extra curricular activities, it's hard to know what kids actually want to do, want to try, for themselves.  It's been fun watching her try different sports, activities, theater and clubs in our community.
She crossed that finish line last November, and hadn't ran much since, other than finishing a few Couch to 5K sessions with my groups.  She loved encouraging the women so much and telling them about her training experience and race goals.  So, when the local rec department asked me about what my plans were for upcoming sessions, I asked Little Diva if she wanted to coach a group with me.  We will be hosting a Mom-and-Me Couch to 5K group on Fridays after school.  Ten women and their children will be training together for a local race.  I can't wait to see her share her experience and apply the skills she learned, and form some leadership skills at the age of nine years old.

With our group starting soon, Little Diva took it upon herself to start training herself again.  She got some motivation from various running magazines and books laying around our home.  And, then she got out a notebook and starting writing down pace and mileage goals for herself.  Do you think kids act on example?  Too funny.

Then, she's seen me do a few short runs on the dreadmill recently and asked if she could try it out herself.  She was curious how you set our pace and was amazed that the machine actually kept track of everything you were doing your workout.  She hooked up some Kidz Bop tunes and set her pace.  With a few walk breaks initially, she was setting a good introductory pace.  Then she decided to just go with it and run the last half mile continuously. 

The first night she ran, it took her on the high-end of fifteen minutes to run/walk a 5K.  Four days later, when she was back at my house, she asked to do it again.  This time, she knocked out a 12:46 mile.  I'm pretty proud of her for being so ambitious and motivated at such a young age.  Is it a phase?  Sure, maybe.  But, she has an interest in being healthy and being active.  And, that's all that really matters.  These experiences and her "routine" can be applied to so many other activities and areas in our her life.  I'm one proud mama.


  1. Mom and Me Couch To 5k sounds AWESOME!!!! I <3 it!!!

  2. Way to go little Diva! Sounds like she's doing great!!