Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 2011 Running Ramblings

May was an awesome month on the running front ...

I took only 7 rest days and logged the most miles yet this year (over 130) miles and ran two half marathons. Crossing half marathon #5 and #6 of 2011 off of my list. I PR'd in the half marathon by 3 minutes over Memorial Day weekend (more on that soon!)!! I ran and hiked through Devil's Lake State Park as well as Penninsula State Park. I ran on the Capital City Trail in Madison several times and am enjoying getting out of my neighborhood and doing these "destination runs".

I've been blessed with my coaching through the local rec program, which has brought many more clients my way. I am thoroughly enjoying meeting other people that want to get out there and get active and accomplish fantastic new things. I've enjoyed staying in touch with other bloggers and meeting new ones out on the course. It's been great connecting with people that I already "knew" in my personal life, but didn't really take the chance to get to "know" them until we both realized we run and are training for similiar goals. I love how running can bond just about anyone and everyone. I get giddy seeing how excited people get when they talk about running and their first race experience.

As excited as I am about my mileage for May. June should bring a lot more ... as I start marathon training in two short weeks!!

May: 131.2 miles
April: 100.1 miles
March: 107.9 miles
February: 71.6 miles
January: 110.7 miles
Total Miles for 2011: 521.5
Miles Needed to reach 1,500 Mileage Goal: 978.5
Longest Runs: 8, 10 and 13.1 miles (twice)

May 2011 Non-Running Ramblings ....

My divorce was final in May and the kids and I are comfortable and settled in my new place. It's tough when they aren't with me, but I am surrounding myself with positive people and positive things .... my running ... and people that run with me ... are obviously a part of that. I've been planning my long runs and coaching around my time with the kids, but do need to lean on my support system from time-to-time.

I'm trying to maximize the time that I have with Little Diva and Little Dude. We've been doing a lot of outings, playdates and are getting out in our new neighborhood and meeting other families. Money is really tight, but it's the little things that make them happy -- like a free bus ride to a local farm, a dollar ice cream cone at McD's, blowing bubbles with the neighbor boys and walking down to Target for an Icee.

The month of May brought some warmer weather with it finally, which meant I could cross some more things off of my bucket list for this year. I visited fabulous Door County for the first time as adult, camped in a tent for three days and got out on the water on a boat. Three things that may seem so simple; but three things that I never took the time to discover before. I could say that I've ran marathons, but not that I've gone for a boat ride?!?! I'm glad that I've finally had the opportunity to do these things on my own. And, I look forward to sharing them with Little Dude and Little Diva.


  1. You seem like you're doing so well, and I'm so happy! So you did 2 half marathons in May? So you're on track for 13 for the year? :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic May on a lot of fronts! I also love the bond that running can create or help to solidify that you mentioned.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on half-marathons 5 and 6! You are a rock star!

  3. What a great May you had both running related and non running related. You are simply glowing and radiant these days!!

  4. You are a rockstar, in all senses of the word. :) Congratulations on the awesome mileage and races. And, your kids are absolutely adorable!

  5. sounds like you had an awesome may! :)

  6. I love love love Devils Lake and Penninsula State Parks! My favorite's in WI! Congrats on your PR!

  7. Glad you are getting out and having a great time. I saw your time at the Madison 1/2 and was super excited for you- great job!!!!!

  8. Whoa look at you and all of the miles you've logged this year! You go girl!!!! :0)

  9. Congrats on the miles for May - I was right there with you at 135 miles for the month :)!

    Glad your doing well - keep it up!