Thursday, December 2, 2010

Endurance & Outdoor Sports Apparel & Gifts

Yes ... I am DONE with my holiday shopping. I know, it's sick. And, I've taken today off to wrap all of my gifts. I want it done.

Really, I have no other choice. Little Diva and Little Dude BOTH have December birthdays (her-five days before Christmas; him-five days after!!!!) Believe it. Poor planning on MY part!! Even though they get totally spoiled by everyone during the entire month of December, I don't like to slight them the least bit either. I wrap their Christmas gifts in holiday wrapping paper and I wrap their birthday gifts in colorful, birthday paper. I try to wrap them all in paper, to increase the fun and excitement. Man, do I have my work cut-out for me today.

Little Diva is the little "Budding Artist". She comes up with her OWN oragami creations and decoupages items, and amazes us every single time. She depletes my printer paper supply. She goes through spools of tape like it's sticky choclolate, while working on her projects. And, she also loves school, reading, learning and discovering why things do the things they do. I have loaded her up with tons of cheap, fun projects, doodle pads, activity books, board games, chapter books and other things to keep that girl's mind busy!

Little Dude is "Mr. Fix It". He is into pushing buttons (playing and otherwise!!) and putting things together and taking them apart. He also loves helping me around the house (Yes, this boy loves cleaning!). This two year old can put a 48 piece puzzle together over and over ... and over again. He's also a huge Diego and Dora fan right now. I have loaded him up with a toy vaccuum, tons and tons of puzzles from the Dollar Store, PlayDough Sets and several Dora and Diego Lego sets.

Sooooo ..... I will be wrapping this all this morning and hiding it away until all of the fifty-million festivities start at the end of the month. Then, they will open it all back up and I will be opening toy packaging and twisty ties for two months! I will be anxiously anticipating garbage/recycling day every week to get rid of more and more of the packaging and boxes!

I know, you're not done with your holiday shopping yet?! I wanted to introduce you to the Endurance & Outdoor Sports Apparel & Gifts Store (HERE) that Hubby and I created over at Cafe Press a couple of years ago.

Are you already thinking about the 2011 racing season?! I am. The kids will love these race support crew tees and onesies. Help them support mommy and daddy while they are spectating.

Do you have a spouse that runs or races?! A special triathlete on your shopping list?! We have several unique racing stickers for your vehicle (great stocking stuffers). We sell several VERY nicely-matted, motivational prints for hanging up in your home or gym. We have one hanging up in ours, too. While you are out shopping for others, your shopping trip would be complete without picking up something special for YOURSELF!!

Honestly, I have soooooo many ideas for shirts and tees that I would like to create, and will be developing many more over the winter months as my schedule allows. But, I just don't have the time right now. I will be updating you as new items are posted on the site.
Happy Shopping!!


  1. Love the "my mom ran 26.2 miles today what did your mom do!" ha ha :D

  2. Love 'will run for cute shoes' :) HA! That's so me! :)

    LOVE your background! :) I just recently started offering free backgrounds on my blog design site. I would love it if you have time to take a look and give me your feedback. I would like to get ideas on what styles people would like to see...

    have a great day!

  3. I applaud you for making sure to wrap their birthday presents in non-holiday paper....my bday is Dec 28 and I used to get upset as a kid if my presents were wrapped in Xmas paper!
    PS - cudos to you for being DONE!!!! :)

  4. The "what did your mom do" shirt is CLASSIC. Love it...

  5. *bowing down to you* You're finished shopping- that's great! So hard for me to finish so early! The kids are going to have a great month, i can tell!

  6. Congrats on getting the Christmas/Birthday shopping done - that's a lot of gifts to have ready in a short amount of time!

    Love the shirts and onsies!

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